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Kagoshima Prefecture Tourist Information

Ibusuki City, a hot spring town surrounded by nature.
Introducing the surrounding tourist attractions and spots while admiring the beautiful scenery of the blue sea.
How about a wonderful time?
  • Nature

    • Mt Kaimondake

      Mt Kaimondake", also known as Satsuma Fuji, at an altitude of 924m.
      Located at the tip of Satsuma Peninsula in Kagoshima Prefecture, Mitake Shrine top of the mountain.
      You can also see Yakushima on a sunny day.A mountain that is also recommended as course for middle-aged and older people.
      Kaimon Sanroku Fureai Park climbing is about 2 to 3 hours for climbing at the foot of Kaimonsanroku Fureai Park, and 1 and a half hours to 2 hours for descending.

      JR Ibusuki Makurazaki Line, get off at Kaimon Station Kaimon Junior High School, and head toward the trailhead.
      By car, take R226 for 20 minutes Ibusuki Kaijo Hotel
    • Nagasakibana

      Satsuma Peninsula, the feet are made of lava and you can see a splendid flower field in spring.
      The beautiful sea and the magnificent Mt Kaimondake seen from here have a wonderful view and are counted as one of the most scenic spots.
      Tropical plants such as cycads grow naturally around the area, creating a tropical atmosphere.
      Enjoy the scenery leisurely while eating the famous purple sweet potato ice cream.
      It is also known as the birthplace of the Legend of Taro Urashima, and at the tip of the cape is the Ryugu Shrine, Princess Otohime.

      90 minutes from Kagoshima Barrier Kyushu Expressway Ibusuki Skyline, head toward Ibusuki while looking at Lake Ikeda, Makimon Shrine, and Mt Kaimondake
      20 minutes by car from Ibusuki Kaijo Hotel

      ●Parking:No(There is a pay parking lot in front)
    • Tosenkyo Park

      Located in a valley about 40m lower than the flat land, this park is centered around a water source where 100,000 tons of fresh water springs out a day.
      In addition, tens of thousands of carp and trout are swimming around in the clear stream along the valley.
      Somen Nagashi (flowing noodles) made from this spring water are popular in the park and can be eaten all year round.
      There is also a set meal with grilled fish that can be caught in the mountain stream, so it is also recommended for lunch.

      About 5 minutes by taxi Kaimon Station on the JR Ibusuki Makurazaki Line Lake Ikeda via Prefectural Route 28
      20 minutes by car from Ibusuki Kaijo Hotel

      ●Opening Hours:Somen Nagashi (flowing noodles) 8: 30-18: 00(Varies depending on the season)
      ●Holiday:Open all year round
      ●Fare:Free admission
      ●Parking:Yes (free) 500 units
    • Flower Park Kagoshima

      Not only the flowers but also the view of the sea is the best, and the tropical feeling is a taiko.
      It collects flowers and trees from all over the world, not to mention Kagoshima.The number is about 2,400 species and 400,000.
      Events are held depending on the season, such as Christmas illuminations and bamboo lantern evenings.

      ・Kagoshima City via Lake Ikeda
      90 minutes from Kagoshima Barrier Kyushu Expressway, at the end of Ibusuki Skyline, via Sakoda (Lake Ikeda) Prefectural Route 28, turn right at the Nagasakibana R226
      ・Ibusuki City Area
      About 20 minutes from Ibusuki Kaijo Hotel Mt KaimondakeTurn left at the Nagasakibana R226

      ●Opening Hours:Admission from 9:00 to 17:00 (until 19:00 in July and August):Up to 30 minutes ago
      ●Holiday:Open daily except on specific days.
      ●entrance fee:620 yen(20 people or more 490 yen)/Elementary and junior high school students 300 yen(20 people or more 240 yen)/Children Below Elementary School Age Free
      ●Parking:Yes (free) 585 units
  • Hot Springs

    • Unagi Onsen

      By car from the national highway, you can reach Lake Unagi by climbing the mountain for 3 km and 5 minutes.There is an eel village to the northeast of the pond, which is filled with the smell of sulfur.
      Ibusuki area, the sulfur spring is the only one here, and hot fumaroles are blowing up to the surface.
      In ordinary hot springs, various components are dissolved underground, but the hot springs here are rare in which fumaroles are dissolved in water on the ground.It has a long history, 240 years ago.
      The hot springs you stop by are Municipal Unagi Onsen and Unagi Onsen Matsumae.

      Ibusuki, take R226, go through the Narikawa Tunnel Yamagawa High School, and turn right at the first traffic light.
      About 20 minutes from Ibusuki Kaijo HotelAbout 10 minutes by taxi from Yamakawa Station JR Ibusuki Makurazaki Line
    • Sand Bath Hall"SARAKU"

      Rent a yukata in this facility, change clothes and go to the beach.
      When you are buried in the sand while looking at the sea, sweat blows out from all over your body.
      A 15-minute sand bath trip, a little hot, but very comfortable.
      After the sand bath, sweat in the public bath and take a rest in the relaxing room with a massage machine and reclining chairs.

      Go through the shopping street in front of the Ibusuki Ekimae, go straight, and you will find it by the sea on your left.
      5 minutes by car from JR Ibusuki Station(25 minutes on foot)
      5 minutes walk from the Kaijo Hotel

      ●Opening Hours:From 8:30 to 20:30(20:00 Closed)
      ●Holiday:Irregular holidays
      ●Fare:Bathing fee 920 yen/Bath towel rental 200 yen/Towel rental 110 yen
      ●Parking:Yes (free) 80 units
    • Yamakawa Natural Sand-Steamed Hot Spring

      Yamagawa, and it has long been well known to the locals as a place to enjoy sand bathing.
      Mt Kaimondake, Osumi Peninsula, Kinko Bay, and the East China Sea, you can refresh your mind and body in nature.
      Sweat gushes from the whole body wrapped in warm sand, and you can feel refreshed.It is popular with women because it has a beauty effect.
      There is also an observation hot spring "Healthy Land" nearby, and you can overlook the comprehensive health land connected to the Steam Sand Hot Spring
      We recommend the open-air bath overlooking Mt Kaimondake

      【Access】20 minutes from Ibusuki Kaijo Hotel Yamagawa Port

      ●Opening Hours:From 8:30 to 17:00
      ●Reservation:Reservations are required for groups.
      ●Holiday:Wednesday(Open on public holidays)
      ●Fare:Bathing fee 800 yen(0-12 years old 400 yen)
      ●Parking:Yes(100 yen)
      *Please understand that the posting fee may change due to tax reforms.
  • Other

    • Birthplace of Tensho-in Atsuhime

      Upheaval of the Edo period, is married to a 13 Daishogun Iesada, while becoming a widow at the age of 23 after one year seven months, try to relief of the Tokugawa Clan the rest of their lives in the O-oku (shogun's harem)
      Tensho-in is, 1835 Tenpo years), was born as the eldest daughter of the Imaizumi Family Tadatake ShimazuWhen he was born, he was named Katsuko
      In 1853 (Kaei 6), when he was 18 years old, he was delivered to the shogunate as the Nariakira Shimazu, the lord of Satsuma domain, and changed his AtsuhimeIn February 1856 (3rd year of Ansei), it was decided to be welcomed by Iesada Tokugawa's MidaidokoroIn July, he was Tadahiro Konoe and changed his name to Atsugimi and SumikoIt was delivered on December 11th of the same year.The wedding in 18 days, 1858 Ansei years) in July Iesada is death.Sumiko was supposed to be Gosuru and Tensho-in to Rakushoku.He passed away on November 20, 1883 (15) at the age of 48.

      Ibusuki Kaijo Hotel, take R226 toward Kagoshima City for 15 minutes, then turn right at Imaizumi Police Substation
      Get off at JR Satsuma Imaizumi Station,10 minutes on foot.
    • Makurazaki Osakana Center (fish center)

      There are 20 stores with seasonal fish and special products from Makurazaki
      Not only bonito flakes and bonito tataki, but also rare sea foods such as salted bonito and Shutou are available so you won't get bored.
      In addition to the sales shop, there is also a restaurant in this facility, which is recommended because it is full of delicious food such as seafood bowls.
      I am especially happy to enjoy Makurazaki's dishes such as Katsuobinta.
      There is a huge aquarium in the central square.

      60 minutes from Kyushu Expressway Kagoshima Barrier, Ibusuki Toll Road, from Ibusuki Skyline Kawanabe IC via R225 Makurazaki Port
      Ibusuki Kaijo Hotel via R226 from the Ibusuki Kaijo Hotel, 60 minutes by car while admiring the Mt Kaimondake

      ●Opening Hours:From 9:00 to 17:00(Restaurant 11: 00-15: 00)
      ●Holiday:Open all year round
      ●Admission fee:No
      ●Parking:Yes (free) 200 units
    • Chiran Samurai Residence Complex

      Mt Hahagatake, the beautiful cityscape with a garden at the foot of the mountain has been praised as the Little Kyoto of Satsuma since ancient times.
      18.6ha of samurai residences Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings" in 1981, and the seven gardens are designated as national scenic spots.

      60 minutes from Kagoshima Barrier Kyushu Expressway Ibusuki Skyline Chiran IC via Prefectural Route 23 and Prefectural Route 27 toward Chiran Town
      45 minutes from Ibusuki Kaijo Hotel

      ●Opening Hours:From 9:00 to 17:00
      ●Holiday:Open all year round
      ●Admission fee:500 yen/adult(30 people or more 400 yen)/300 yen/child(30 or more elementary and junior high school students 240 yen)
      ●Parking:Yes (100 yen per hour) 60 units